January 2017 New Features and Enhancement: iPhone Webphone App, Google Doc as Text Editor in Social Webinar, View/Edit page Enhancement and more!

We are excited to announce our new and enhanced products and services kick-starting 2017! 

This update includes:

  • iPhone Webphone App
  • Google doc Text Editor in Social Webinar
  • Conference View/Edit Enhancement
  • Video enhancement in Social Webinar
  • Zapier enhancement
  • Registration on an ongoing conference
  • System Capacity Alert on the Video Server


iPhone Webphone App

Dial in to your conference easily via webphone for iPhone at no extra cost! 

Learn more about this exciting application here: 

iPhone Webphone App


Google doc Text Editor in Social Webinar

We have switched our Text viewer/editor to Google Docs. When the host switches the view to Text Editor, it will ask him to authenticate the Social Webinar's access to his account in Google Docs to create and/or update the documents in his own Google drive. 



Conference View/Edit Enhancement

The following enhancements has been made to our View/Edit conference page:

  • Looking for information on Callers and PINs has been made easier! We can now sort columns in the Callers and PINs section. To do this, just click the arrows at the column headings. 


  • Changing the conference schedule--date and time, can be easily accessed now. You will find an Edit Pencil on the Main conference page and on QuickStart.



Video enhancement in Social Webinar

  • Enable video option the Social Webinar Control Panel: 
  1. Go to the Control Panel in Social Webinar
  2. click People View
  3. Check "Enable Video"
  • Enable video option in myAccount:
  1. Go to View/Edit conference page
  2. click QuickStart
  3. go to Setup
  4. check "Enable Video"

*Video in Social Webinar has two options: “Show Hosts & Presenters” and “Show Everyone



  • When the user is using an unsupported browser, eg. IE, he will be prompted to download the latest version of Chrome. 


Zapier enhancement

  • If using Zapier, you may now add/delete MC Opt-in offers in the View/Edit page of the conference. To get started, on the View/Edit page, click on Integrations.



Zapier offers will be listed the in Conductor Interface.


Search for the information in Zapier.


To learn more about Zapier, check out this link:



Registration on an ongoing conference

When people will try to register to an ongoing conference, they will see this notification on the registration page: 



System Capacity Alert when Video Server is at a capacity

Callers will see the capacity alert when the video server is full in simple video meetings. Currently, it is set to 50 video callers at a time.

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