How do I host a Screen Sharing event?

If your event revolves around you sharing your screen with your participants, either to show a PowerPoint presentation, or any other type of content, here are the steps you can take to be prepared for a successful screen sharing session:

Creating and configuring the event

  1. Create a scheduled or reservatinoless conferece as you normally would
  2. In the event configuration page, go to Quick Start > Setup
  3. Scroll down to "Start Social Webinar In:" and select Screen Sharing.

Getting ready for the event

In order to host a successful event and minimize waiting times for the people attending, you need to perform a few steps, in the Conference Edit page go to Social Webinar > Screen Sharing and do the following:

  1. Download and pre-install the Windows* screen sharing application.
  2. Find out your Session ID and save it in a text file for later use: in the event configuration page go to Social Webinar > Screen Sharing and copy the Session ID.
  3. Decide who else will be sharing their screen: If you're going to have assistants share their screen, in "Who can screen share?", select Host & Presenters. if you're going to let participants share their screen as well, select Everyone

Running the event

1. 5 or 10 minutes before the event starts, open the Sreen Sharing application, paste the Session ID, and select the screen or application that you will be sharing (e.g. a PowerPoint document).

2. Start the event by clicking Conduct In the Conference Edit page, this will open the Conductor's Interface.

3. Log in to the Social Webinar: in the Conductor's Interface, select your name in the list of people, in the panel on the right select the Info tab, and click Login this caller.

4. Finally, once you and your participants are in the Social Webinar, go to the Screen Sharing application and click Start Sharing. You can pause or stop sharing at any time by clicking the Pause or Stop buttons in the mini-window.

Note: after a while of giving a presentation it's very common that you forget that you're sharing your screen, and that everyone can see what you're doing (at least on the monitor or application that you're sharing) so try to remember to pause or stop sharing when necessary.



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