Use polls to engage your audience by asking them thoughtful questions that get at the heart of the matter. You can choose to show the results in real time or after the poll has ended, and participants can vote even if they are on their phones by pressing a number on their keypad.


Creating a Poll

You can create polls on-the-fly while running your event, but ideally you should create them before the event to save time and be better prepared.

  1. In the Conference Management page of your event choose Social Webinar > Polls from the left menu.
  2. Click the  icon and type the question of the poll in the Question box.
  3. In the Choices box, click on "Click here to add a choice..." and type a choice, press enter to add more choices. You can add up to 5 choices per poll.
  4. You can edit choices by clicking the  icon, delete them clicking the  icon, or re-arrange them by selecting the choice and clicking the up and down arrows.


Launching a Poll

1. When conducting your event, in the Social Webinar open the Control Panel by selecting Settings > Admin from the top toolbar and click Poll View from the list of views on the left.

2. The poll you created in the previous step should appear in the Saved Polls dropdown. If it doesn't, click the dropdown and select the poll you created to load it.



3. Click Run Poll to launch the poll with your attendees. People logged into the Social Webinar will be able to see the choices and vote by pressing a button, but people connected by audio only cannot see the choices and can only vote by pressing 1 through 5 on their phone dial pad, so remember to read out the question and choices for them. By default, results are displayed in real time to everyone as people vote, see the Advanced Settings section to for more options on when to share the results.


Viewing Poll Results

Once the conference is over you can view the results of your polls by going to the Conference Management page, selecting Social Webinar > Polls and clicking the View Results button. You can also download the results as a .csv file to import them in a spreadsheet.


Managing Polls

You can create as many polls as you want, and even load polls from previous events.

  • To load a poll from a previous event, click the  icon and choose a poll from any of your past events on the list.
  • To delete a poll, select it from the Saved Polls dropdown and click the  icon.


Advanced Settings

You can configure a poll to suit your particular needs by opening the Advanced Settings in the Polls section of the Conference Management page. Below is a description of each setting.



  • Results as Percentages Only: Shows results as percentages and hides the total number of votes from the results.
  • Opt-In Mode: Makes each choice in the poll appear as a button that attendees can click. Useful if you want to present your attendees with a set of items to choose from, such as different products to buy, courses to enroll in, etc. This mode doesn't show attendees any results when the poll ends.
  • Share Results in Real Time: Updates the results graph in real time during voting. Useful to make polls look alive and engaging, but can skew the results by making people "vote against" a particular choice.
  • Hide Results Until I Choose to Share Them: Lets you choose when to share the results with your attendees. Leave unchecked to automatically share the results with everyone after the poll ends.
  • Share the Results Only With Those Who Voted: Attendees will be asked to vote before they can see the results. Useful to encourage people to vote by appealing to their curiosity.
  • Include Non-Voters in the Results: Shows non-voters in the results as "n/a".
  • Button Text: Lets you enter a custom text for the vote button.






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