September 2016 New Features & Enhancements: Video Conferencing, Callers and PINs, Document Text Editor


This update includes:


Video Conferencing

 We now have three even type” Scheduled, Reservationless and the new event type: Video!

When Video is enabled on a customer’s profile, the customers may conduct simple“Video Meeting” and they will see another tab in myAccount labelled Video. This is the section where they can view their list f upcoming video meetings.

To learn more about Video Conferencing, please click the link below:


Callers and PINs section

The Callers and PINs section of the View/Edit page has been updated. To view the enhancements on this section, please click the link below:


Document Editor View in Social Webinar

The copy-and-paste option in Document Editor has now been enhanced to include the formatting of the copied text. If somebody copy and paste the text from Google docs or Web and it has styling and formatting, the SW Document Editor will accept the same formatting instead of pasting it as a plain text.







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    :-(  Video how-to link not working.  Get an "oops" message for the page.


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