Timezone Feature

The timezone feature will allow the hosts and participants to view the schedule of the conference in their timezone. By default, this feature is enabled for all conferences. 


Presenter's View

Presenters can manage the timezone feature on the View/Edit page of the conference, under the Conference Reminder section. The setting is on a per conference basis. Presenters will find that their timezone is automatically detected and shown as selected on the drop-down menu. They can view the time of the next upcoming conference in their timezone, under the timezone settings. The timezone can be changed from the drop-down menu.


Participant's View

If the timezone feature is enabled by the presenter, the participants will see their timezone selected on the Self-registration page, and the conference time for all the scheduled recurring conference will be shown in the participant's timezone.  Upon successful registration, the registration confirmation page will also show the conference time in the participant's timezone. All conference related emails (registration confirmation and reminder emails) will show the conference times in participant's timezone.


Please note that this feature will not affect the registrants who have already registered for conference prior to the release of this feature.


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