Outbound calling

Outbound Calling

 Outbound Calling is a feature that is available to all subscribers.  It has two main benefits:

  1.  Allow the ability to get into a conference without having to dial in. This is particularly helpful when having trouble getting in to a call.
  2. Allow Guest Speakers to join a conference. Instead of having your Guest Speakers wait for their turn during the call, you can just give them a call once you're ready to have them on the conference.


 When Outbound Calling is activated, the person trying to get in will receive a call which will let them join the conference. This feature is available to Presenters, Assistants and Participants. Outbound Calling is currently available to reach callers with US numbers only.


Getting Started

 When you or your callers are having trouble getting in to your conference or are ready to have your Guest Speaker join the call, follow these simple steps to enable Outbound Calling:

  1.  On the Conference tab on myaccount, click on View/Edit next to the title of the conference.
  2. Scroll down and click on the Outbound Calling section.
  3. Fill out the fields:

 Caller role: Select the role that the caller should connect into the call as. You'll find three options on the drop-down menu: Participant, Assistant, Presenter

Caller name: This is the name that will appear on the dashboard.

Number to Dial: Input the phone number  to dial to reach the caller. Only numeric characters are allowed on this section. US numbers need to begin with a 1 before the area code.

      4.   Click the Place Call button. 




After clicking on Place Call, it may take 5-10 seconds for the recipient's phone to ring. That person will hear this message,

"This is MaestroConference calling.  To join your scheduled conference in progress, please press 1."


The message will repeat until the recipient presses 1 or hangs up.


Fees for Outbound Calling

 The charge for this feature is 10c/minute/caller for the amount of time the caller attends the event.

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