Premium Recording

Our Premium Recording feature gives you two big benefits: 1) the ability to start and stop recordings during the conference so you don’t have to edit them afterward, and 2) the ability to record a breakout group - even multiple breakout groups. The recorder, which will be marked as an Assistant in the conference, can be moved into and out of breakout rooms, just like anyone else who calls into the conference. The Premium Recording will be saved separately from the audio recording of the main room.

You can create multiple premium recorders before and during the conference.  These can be assigned to different breakout rooms, to capture the conversations as they happen.

There are four tabs in the Premium Recording section:
·         Recording
·         Completed
·         Schedule
·         Instructions

Recording Tab
You will find the list of recorders on this tab. It will show the State of the recorder, the Name of the Recorder, the Scheduled Time, and the Duration of the recording.

Completed Tab
The Completed Tab is where you will find all finished recording sessions.  You can download the recordings here for later use.

Schedule Tab
The Schedule Tab is where you can set the recorder’s PIN, Date and Time, and the Maximum recording time in minutes.  You will also find the cost of the recordings on this section.

Instructions Tab
You will find detailed instructions about all related functions and processes of the Premium Recording feature on this tab.


How to Create a Recorder
1. Go to your Callers and PINs section, and create an Assistant(s) to identify the recorder. Copy the assigned PIN.
*Tip: Assign a name to the Assistant (Eg. Group 1 Recorder) so it will be easier for you to track on the interface.
2. Go to the Premium Recordings tab, Schedule section, and click on “New Recording.”
3. Paste the PIN from above in the PIN field. Fill out the other fields.
4. Click the checkbox to agree to the charges.  You’ll see on the right side the fee your account will be charged if the recorder is in your event for the full duration.  For example, if the recorder is scheduled to be in the conference for 60 minutes, the maximum amount you would pay would be $6.00 (10c/min * 60).
5. Click the “Schedule” button to create a recorder.
6. Repeat the process to set up multiple recorders.


Your scheduled recordings will appear in the Recordings tab and can be edited from this area as well. Once the scheduled time for the recording arrives, the recorder will be activated and will enter the call.  You will then see it in your conductor interface as one of your Assistants.  There is nothing you need to do to “turn on” the recorder - as soon as it enters the call it will be recording whatever it hears.

How to record Breakout Groups:

Once you have Breakout Groups set up on your conference, on the dashboard, move the recorder (it will have an Assistant role) into a breakout group.

  1. Select the recorder you wish to move in the Caller Panel.
  2. Under the "Move into Breakout" section in the Detail Panel, select the breakout group you’d like to record.

*For multiple recorders, continue assigning the recorders to breakout groups.



How to pause a recorder
1. Go back to your View/Edit conference page, Premium Recordings tab, and click on the first tab, the Recordings section.
2. Click on “Check Status” of the recorder you wish to pause.
3. Click on Pause.
4. Click Resume to resume the recording.

How to end a recording
There are 4 ways to end a recording:
1. It will automatically end when the call ends.
2. Remove the recorder from the conference. To do this, on the interface, select the recorder and click “Remove” button right next to its name.
3. When the recording length reaches the # of minutes you’ve set it to, the recording ends and the recorder exits the conference.
4. Under the Recordings tab, click on Check Status. Click on the Stop button.

How to play/download a recording
1. Go to the Completed tab.
2. Click on “Play this” on the recording you wish to play or download.
3. To play the recording, select the Play button on the player.
4. To download, click on Download.
*Tip: You’ll find the link “Copy shareable link” on this section. Click on that to copy a link that you can share with your participants where they can listen or download the recording.

Fees for premium recording
The charge for Premium recordings is 10c/min for any time the Recorder is in your conference (whether recording or paused).
If you have multiple recorders set up for multiple breakout groups, the charge is for each recorder.
You’ll see on the right side of the Schedule section the fee your account will be charged if the recorder is in your event for the full duration.  For example, if the recorder is scheduled to be in the conference for 60 minutes, the maximum amount you would pay would be $6.00 (10c/min * 60).

Enter recording / Enter ready
By default, the Recorder enters in the "On/Recording" position. If you prefer to have the recorder enter in the "Ready/Paused" position, hit Pause on the scheduled conference - it will show "Resume".

The Recorder will still enter at the scheduled time - just hit Resume to start the actual recording.

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    Even though we haven't use it yet, I think this is a great, useful feature. Thanks, MaestroConference, for adding it.

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    This is a very clever implementation, as usual.  You folks really think these things through and come up with excellent ways of creating new functionality.  It would be very easy to make this confusing and complicated.  I have one suggestion:  creating a PIN for each recorder is a technical burden that should be handled by the software, not the user.  Just have a "Create Recorders" button, have the user specify how many recorders s/he wants, and do any PIN creation under the covers, out of sight.  Call them "Recorder n" by default, renamable in the dashboard.

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