Simple Video Meetings (beta)

About Simple Video Meetings

This feature lets you easily create video meetings with other people simply by sharing a link with them, and without having to worry about scheduling, registrations, PINs, phone numbers and other complications associated with bigger and more complex webinars.

Getting Started: Create a Video Meeting

  1. Login to your MaestroConference account
  2. Click on Conferences at the top of the screen
  3. Click Create Conference (*)
  4. Enter a conference name and select Video Meeting
  5. Enter the estimate number of participants
  6. Click Create Video Meeting

(*) If your screen looks different from the screenshot below, make sure you're using the new Conference Edit interface by clicking on the blue Switch to new interface button at the top-right.

Starting the Meeting

  1. Copy the Join Link by clicking the Copy button - this is the link you will share with other people to join the meeting.
  2. Click the green Start Meeting button at the top-right.

Joining the Meeting

  1. In the Welcome screen, enter your Name and Email and click Join.
  2. Share the Join Link with other participants, they will be greeted by the same Welcome screen.

Important: Make sure you first start the meeting before having other people join, otherwise they will see a "That meeting doesn't exist" message when trying to join.

During the Meeting

  • To mute yourself, click the Mute toolbar button
  • To temporarily pause your video feed, click the Stop Video toolbar button (click it again to un-pause)
  • To toggle the list of participants click the Participants toolbar button
  • To edit your name and email click the  button next to your name on the Participants list
  • To end the meeting click the End Meeting toolbar button

Note: As a host you can edit the name and email of other participants, but participants can only edit their own.

Viewing Past Meetings

Past meetings are saved in the Conferences section, under the Video Meetings tab. By clicking on the Edit button you can view a list of all the people who attended the meeting, re-start the meeting, or cancel it.

Planned Features

The following is a list of features that are planned for future versions (this list is subject to change).

  • Making Name or Email to join optional so people can join anonymously (added)
  • Global audio controls (added)
  • Ability for the host to mute or pause the video of other participants (added)
  • More detailed history of participants
  • Text chat
  • More video layout options
  • An option to lock the meeting so no more people can join
  • An option to remove and block participants
  • Mobile support



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  • 1

    What about breakouts? Anyone can do a video conference and honestly, does it for only $9.95 a month. They also have breakout... the only part they dont' have is the ability to go into the rooms and announce breakout ending etc...




    Edited by tori
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    Diego Rodriguez

    Hi Tori, for video in breakouts you can check our new feature: Video Conferencing in Social Webinar




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    Hi Diego,

    This looks great! I can't wait to start using it. QUICK QUESTION: Is the video included in the archive? If so, is it possible for me to provide a link to view the archive so members of my work team can view it at their convenience?



  • 0
    Diego Rodriguez

    Hi Jay, right now it's not possible to download a recorded video of the meeting, but we've already started working on that feature, so it will be possible in the coming releases.


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