Video Conferencing in Social Webinar (beta)

Video Conferencing combines the power of live video with the flexibility of the Social Webinar platform. With Video Conferencing in Social Webinar you can:

  • Create one single large video call with your entire audience.
  • Create powerful video presentations by placing you or your presenters front-and-center.

Choosing Who to Show on Video

To turn video on, click the Video button in the tool bar and select Enable Video from the dropdown menu. The following video modes are available:

  • Show Everyone - anyone with a webcam will appear on video.
  • Show Hosts/Presenters only - useful when you want to give a video presentation and focus everyone's attention on the presenter.



Known Bugs & Planned Features

The following is a list of known bugs and features that are planned for future versions (this list is subject to change).

  • Supported browsers are Chrome and Firefox for now.
  • The video section on the left doesn't use 100% of the screen height.
  • The display of participant names below each video needs some adjustments.
  • Sometimes participants only see a black screen and need to reload the page to see the videos.
  • Implement a way to create video conferences by breakout selectively.
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