The New Screen Sharing (beta)

The Screen Sharing has been rewritten from the ground up and offers a much smoother experience, both for the person sharing its screen and for the viewers.

Enabling the new Screen Sharing

  1. When logged in as a host in Social Webinar, select Settings, Admin in the toolbar.
  2. With the control panel window open, type the following code in your keyboard: *111 (an asterisk followed by 3 ones)
  3. A new menu item called "Screensharing (beta)" should appear under the old Screensharing.


Note: Because the new Screen Sharing is still an experimental feature, the switch to turn it on is hidden by default and needs to be exposed by typing a secret code in your keyboard ( *111 ) while in the Control Panel. If your keyboard doesn't have a numeric keypad, you may need to press shift to type the asterisk character.

Starting a Screen Sharing Session

  1. Download, install and run the Screen Sharing application (Windows only for now, a Mac version is being developed).
  2. Copy the Session ID from the Social Webinar control panel, paste it into the Screen Sharing window and click "Start Sharing"
  3. In the Social Webinar control panel click "Activate this view". Your participants will now be able to see your screen.
  4. To stop sharing your screen, click the red "Stop Sharing" button in the Windows application (don't forget to also change the Social Webinar view to something else so your participants won't be staring at a blank screen.)



Future Improvements

The following is a list improvements and features that are planned for future versions (this list is subject to change).

  • Develop a Mac version (right now the Screen Sharing app is Windows only)
  • Integrate it with the Conference Edit page, for a more convenient set up.
  • Allow sharing only partial sections of the screen.
  • Allow webcam sharing (this may work already, but hasn't been tested extensively).
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