Audio Streaming



Get more value from your virtual events by inviting as many guests as you'd like without worrying about having the capacity to accommodate them! Audio streaming enables you to host larger events for an UNLIMITED number of guests at affordable rates.  Please note, that those who listen to a streamed event, will only be able to hear those who are on a public mic.  


This is a premium feature, please review our payment terms or contact Support for more information.


To activate this feature:

  1. Go to the conference’s View/Edit page
  2. On the New Interface, click Advanced
  3. Check the box for Enable Premium Streaming
  4. Click Request Premium Streaming
  5. Fill in the required fields (name, email, phone and questions/comments boxes); and
  6. Click on the Request


*** Please note that streaming is enabled on a case-by-case basis by our support team and the request can take 2 business days. You’ll receive an email when the service is ready to use.


Once it’s available, you can get your Streaming Link here:

  1. Go to the conference’ View/Edit page
  2. Click Quick Start
  3. Click on the Copy button

Once you have the link, share it with your callers via email, your webpage or blog, social media, etc.  

That is the link they will use to the listen to the event live!





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