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Joy Apr 20 Announcements

This month our engineering team has made some updates that will help you get even more interactivity out of the MaestroConference platform!

The main April 2015 released features are Idea Board View and Large Group Chat, which will improve your ability to crowdsource ideas and enable your participants to share knowledge.

Keep reading for the details, or check out a Customer Success Clinic or Social Webinar Training where you can talk with us about how to make the most of these for your events.




Crowdsource Ideas with Idea Board View

Want to draw knowledge from every person on your event?  You can now crowdsource ideas for discussion using the Idea Board View in Social Webinar. Participants can now submit their ideas for topics of discussion.  Once an idea is submitted, other participants can vote for (or against) an idea.  The most popular suggestions move to the top of the list.   The list of ideas can also be sorted by how recently it was submitted, randomly, or by title. 

As a host, you can:

  • Create and rename ideas for people to vote on
  • See other’s ideas, and edit or delete posts by other callers
  • Hide or display names of callers alongside their submitted ideas
  • Set the voting options
  • Download ideas submitted into a .csv file any time during the event

○        It’s a good idea to do this before you clear the board to vote on another topic)

  • Clear the name of the idea board at anytime during the event.

 Here’s what an Idea Board looks like:


To set up an Idea Board, go to the Idea Board View in the Social Webinar Control Panel:



After the event, you can see the Idea Board through the Social Webinar section of the Conference View / Edit page.  


After the event, Idea Boards become read-only - so people can see the ideas that were generated during an event.  They can see vote counts as well the name of the caller who created that idea, but they will no longer be able to vote or submit new ideas after the event.  Here’s an example of what the read-only mode looks like after the event:


Large Group Chat (Everyone to Everyone)

Want to enable your participants to share URLs or other text with the group?  Enable Large Group Chat, and you’re all set!

Callers using Social Webinar can now see a new chat window to “Everyone’ on the right of the “Host” chat window. Callers can type a message on this window and it will be visible to everyone on the conference.


NOTE: Callers cannot close the chat window; they can only minimize it.  If a person joins an event late, he or she will still be able to see the chat messages in the chat window to “Everyone”.

No matter where your participants are in Social Webinar- if they’re watching a YouTube video together, sending a tweet together, or collaborating on a document, etc. - Large Group Chat window is available there, too.

For now, this feature cannot be turned off while the event is happening. We’re working on the permission settings for you as a host to turn Large Group Chat off if you don’t want to use it, though.