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Joy May 5, 2013 8 Social Webinar



The New Social Webinar (version 2.0) adds a whole new dimension to Social Conferencing. Social Webinar allows participants to engage on a more personal level. It allows hosts to control what they want their participants to view. The presenter can let their participants view breakout groups, go to a website, view poll statistics, watch a screenshare, view all participants on the call, and edit documents collaboratively.

This feature is still in beta and will change significantly over the next month as we integrate it with our main conductor's interface, and add additional features. We are asking for initial feedback from just a few customers to see if we are on the right track, and to hear about bugs you encounter.

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Social Webinar Video Tutorial



Getting Started

The Social Webinar has two components - you setting up the Participant View of your choice, and then what participants then see as a result.

To get started, on the View/Edit page of your conference, scroll to the Participant Web Experience Section and select Social Webinar. Click on Save Changes.


To Access the Social Webinar:

  1. Dial in to the conference.
  2. To launch the Social Webinar, Participants have to simply click the link in their confirmation and reminder email. It will automatically launch the Social Webinar. Hosts will have to go to this URL manually: http://social.maestroconference.com 
  3. Participants are automatically logged in. Hosts need to enter their email address registered and PIN for the call. In case no email is associated with the pin, just enter the pin, and leave the email area blank.

The Social Webinar login page


Note: Please make sure that you are dialed in to the conference first before logging in to the Social Webinar; otherwise, you will get the error "Invalid Email or PIN".

You will then be prompted to create your profile. Please fill in the required fields on this page. You also have the option to link your Social Webinar profile with your Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn accounts.

The Profile Creation Window


The Social Webinar Views

You can manage the Social Webinar by clicking on Settings and then  Control Panel. This is where you can manage what the participants will see on their end. The different types of views are the following:

  • Breakout View
  • Poll View
  • Interactive Browser
  • Screen Sharing
  • Text Editor Main
  • Text Editor Breakout

The Social Webinar Section


Once you select a Social Webinar View, the Social Webinar page on the participants' end will automatically load with the new selected View.


Control Panel

To gain access and control the Social Webinar, the Presenter will have to Log in using the Conductor Link.  

To get the Conductor Link: 

  1. Click on "Conduct" on the View/Edit page of the conference in myaccount. 
  2. Go to the address bar and copy the website's address. This is the Conductor Link. 

To gain access, the Co-Presenter or Assistant needs to click on Settings->Control Panel and paste the Conductor Link in the box. Click Log In to gain control of the Social Webinar.

Here is the step-by-step process in gaining control of the Social Webinar:  

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Paste the Conductor Interface Link. 
  4. Click Log In. 
  5. Click Save. 





Breakout View

On the Social Webinar Control Panel, you'll find the option to enable the callers to move into different breakout groups. There are three settings for moving into breakout groups:

  1. Everyone - This will allow all the callers the ability to move into different breakout groups.
  2. Staff - Only the Presenters, Co-Presenters and Assistants will be able to move into breakout groups.
  3. No One - No one will be able to move themselves into breakout groups.

When the host selects the Breakout View on the Social Webinar Control Panel, participants will be able to view who are in the same breakout group as them.

Host selects Breakout


Participants will see:

To move into different breakout groups, click on Change Breakout ( 1 ) and select the group number you wish to move into. When No One is selected, the option Change Breakout will not appear at the top.


*New Feature* Talking Lights for my Breakout 

When callers are on the Main Document View, the Text Editor will show the following: 
  • All callers within the same Breakout Room and on the Main Document will be displayed first; below it 
  • All callers who are on the Main Document, but not in the same Breakout as the Caller.

Please note that: 

  • This order will be displayed irrespective of the callers' role, whether they're Presenters/Assistants or Participants

  • The Presenter/Assistant who are on mute will not be displayed on the right panel

  • A green box around a caller's name will signify that these callers are currently talking 

  • The Talking Lights feature of callers who has the Local Mic on will only be available to those callers who are in the same breakout room as them; those who has the Public mic on will also show the Talking Lights for all callers regardless of whether they're in the same breakout room or not.

Poll Statistics

The Poll Statistics view will enable the Participants to see the poll data captured during the call.

Presenters may conduct straw polls by asking the participants to raise (or lower down) their hands. For Participants to view the Poll data, go to the Social Webinar Control Panel and select Poll Statistics.






Interactive Browser

Co-browsing takes the Social Conferencing experience into a whole new level by allowing your participants to access a website together. To post a website:

  1. On the Conductor Interface, click on the blue button that says Post Message.
  2. Type the address of the website on the URL box.
  3. Click on the Open button.
  4. On the Social Webinar Control Panel, select Interactive Browser, and save changes.


Host posts a URL in the Conductor Interface

posturl1.png posturl2.png


                                                                                                                                                                           PARTICIPANTS WILL SEE


*Website shown on example is Wikipedia


Note: The URL can be seen in a pop-up window when the Presenter sends it. Participants need to ensure that their pop-up window is enabled. If they're having trouble viewing the pop-up window, they will see a link which they can click on to view the website.

Screenshare View

To get started with screen sharing, you must have already clicked Launch The Presenter from your conference page (see Screenshare). select Screen sharing from the Social Webinar Control Panel and save changes.

Clicking the Screenshare View will open the Screenshare directly in the Social Webinar environment. Your callers do not need to open multiple windows in order to access both the Social Webinar and the Screenshare feature.


Participants will see:


Note: To learn more about Screenshare and how it works, please click here.


Text Editor Main/Breakout

This feature allows all the callers in the main room or in breakout rooms to collaboratively edit a document shared with the entire call. Text Editor Breakout allows collaborative editing by people in their own specific breakout rooms. Each room will have it's own document.


*New Feature* Add Text to Breakout Documents 

Presenters and Assistants can now add a custom text to the Breakout Documents and they can now select the location where want to see the text; whether they want it at the top or at  the bottom of the document. 

text to doc.jpg

  • There is currently no limit to the number of characters that can be entered. 
  • Presenters and Assistants can copy a text from the Main Document and paste it in the "Add Text to Breakout Document" box for the text to appear in all Breakout Documents.
  • The "Add Text to Breakout Document" box allows multi-line texts with normal formatting
  • The text added to this field will be visible to all Breakout Documents that are running during the conference regardless of which View is currently selected. 


*New Feature* Documents available in the View/Edit page

After the conference, the Documents will be available in the View/Edit page of the conference in myaccount, under the Social Webinar section.



View and Save Profile

When you click on a caller's name on the Social Webinar, it will give you the caller's profile details. You may save this information as a .vcf file. 




*New Feature* Viewing Profile in Breakout View 

Before: When you place your mouse pointer over a person's name, you can automatically view the person's profile

Now: There will be an icon under the person's name which when clicked on will display the profile. A caller can edit his profile by clicking on this icon under his name.


Chat Option

Callers have the option to chat with the host during the conference.  



Post Event Feedback Form *Updated Feature*

 Callers can now submit their feedback up to 72 hours after the event has ended. 




 And that is all for now. Updates will be made from time to time, to correct bugs and add features. Please do not forget that this is a feature in beta development. We hope you like it!

Joy Jan 19 Announcements

You’ve asked...and we listened!

Much-requested features like Bulk Upload of PINs and more are now available on Social Webinar and the Conductor Interface.


Social Webinar also works for large calls, from 500-5,000 simultaneous participants.


For details on the January 2015 released features, click the links below:


jordan.m.allen Jan 11 1 Feature Requests

My request is that video breakout groups (with webcams) is much easier in the Social Webinar.

It is possible to use the MCScreen and Screenshare app to get both presenters and participants on webcams, but this is such an involved process for all (downloading a new app every time, for example).

My request would be a simple button in the social webinar that says "start webcam" and then the videos would pop up for each person—all together in the main room, just the people in the breakout when that happens.

aubrey.gan December 2, 2014 Announcements

The Participant Information Sheet


 There are many ways of calling in to join the conversation. All of them require you to CALL THE EVENT (using phone or VoIP), and the use of your PIN.

The additional links in your Reminder email are to run additional features set up by the host, for a richer event experience. None of the links in the reminder emails will give you a "webinar" experience of just lurking around listening online.

Use the Assigned Phone number and Pin

You can call in by phone. You can use the assigned phone number that is given to you when you register. If you live outside of the United States, and you call the assigned number directly, you will be charged an international calling rate.

In case of pin difficulties or frequent call drops, dial this number instead: (510)281-1111 or (408) 740-6030, and use the same pin. This usually resolved either of those issues.

Use MCdialer

You can call in for no costs using the MCdialer. You can download the free software that will allow you to connect directly to MaestroConference. 

Simply go to http://maestroconference.zendesk.com/entries/23434887-MC-Dialer . Download and install the program and just use your pin when it's time to join the call. You MUST read the instructions carefully to get it to work.

**You should install and test your calling method BEFORE the call by connecting and using the test Pin 444666. If you get sent to a room and hear music, you know it will work for the actual event, when it is time. When your conference is set to start, use the Pin that was originally assigned to you.

Use Skype

You can call in for FREE using Skype. First, you need to add to your contacts one of these two Skype names: Maestro4294 or MCDirect1

Please make sure you add the Skype contact EARLY to your contacts to make sure you are connected, to avoid scrambling at the last minute to get connected.

IF SKYPE DOES NOT APPROVE your request, refer to this document:


When you are ready to call in, click on CALL PHONE (not Video Call). 

To input your PIN, you need to left click with your mouse on the “Call” button on the dashboard at the top of your Skype screen (not the green button under the contact) and scroll down and click on “Show Dial Pad”. 

**If you are not able to get in, it could be because the Skype lines are overloaded. In that case, please try one of the other ways to call in. If your Skype call quality is poor, hang up and dial again, until you get a good connection.

If you still have problems getting these solutions to work, directly contact MaestroConference's Customer Support team for additional solutions. 

IF YOU SEE SCREENSHARE OR SOCIAL WEBINAR LINKS in your reminder email, please make sure you call in, and then click those links. If you do not have a computer handy, you can still participate fully in the call - you just won't have the visual aids.

Joy August 26, 2014 1 Announcements


MaestroConference is excited to announce a new feature to help you publicize your events.  


As of August 29, 2014, whenever you host an event that is open to the public, be sure to check the box on the event set up page to mark your event as open.


Why this matters:

MaestroConference will soon be publicizing our list of publicly available events on our website, so we can help you get the word out about your work!


This is part of an upcoming event series on deep conversations and interactive trainings for our customers, partners, and networks.  We see this as part of a broader vision - what is possible if we have conversations that could change the world?


In the meantime, you can share your thoughts here and we will keep you posted on more happenings.  Especially when you’re doing an event that’s an interactive conversation (as opposed to a presentation), we want to know what you’re up to so we can promote conversations!


To manage the settings for this new feature, please go to the View/Edit page of  your conference and look for the "Conference Visibility" section.