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    Adam Koren

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    Terry Tillman

    Ideally what the app would do is allow the facilitator to do everything he/she does in a live seminar room:

    • Present information.
    • Allow multiple presenters (up to at least 4).
    • Real time white board, and other real time interactive tools (like messaging, polling...)
    • Be able to show Powerpoint or overhead projections.
    • Take one-on-one (audio and/or video) sharing in the whole group allowing the facilitator to work individually for all to experience (see and hear). Like Q & A. Ideally all would be able to see the facilitator, the participant who is sharing and maybe large parts of the participants/audience.
    • Be able to break the participants into smaller groups (one-on-one dyads, 4 - 10 people, two large groups...) for a structured exercise where all people in the group can interact auditorily and visually. Facilitator has the ability to drop in and interact with any group, or all groups at once.
    • Add music/audio at anytime (as background or featured).
    • Show video (in any format or have ability to convert). 
    • Do this via skype (or some other free VoIP service)--without phone charges for all participants, including international.
    • Be able to accommodate 30 - 500,000+ participants.
    • Have an integrated participant registration and payment system.
    • Have survey, polling (hand-raising) and/or testing tools.
    • Be able to do audio and/or video recording.
    • Be able to communicate privately with support staff.
    • Be able to customize the interface with our own brand appearance


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