Auto-Send recordings to registerd participants

Not planned



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    Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for the good suggestion. However, I'm pretty sure we won't be doing this; and I have a few nightmare scenarios which will show you why:

    - Your call recording became 72 hours long, and was 300MB in size, because a couple of people listening didn't hang up their phones, and left for a long weekend.

    - 3 Individual callers called in for 1 minute, realized they were too early; then hung up. That means 3 extra recordings now mail blasted to everyone in your list.

    - Something bad or embarrassing happened in your call. And that just went out automatically to 450 registrants? Uh oh.

    The current call recording storage and sharing system is already the best possible solution. We spend big money to give you the convenience of being able to send a link instead of a huge attached file to your people, housed in one of the strongest, most secure servers available (who incidentally also serve NetFlix).

    To be honest, what I wish is that somebody invents a better way to create a mail blast. I use the gmail method found in Google, and it drives me bananas everytime.

    I hope this helped. Thanks!

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