Preserve Breakout groups on line disconnects


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    Adam Koren

    That is a great feature suggestion - thanks for taking the time to write this out.  Until the time when we build this feature, I have two suggestions that could be helpful:

    1. Copy caller information: Once you've set up the breakout groups, you can copy the information of who is in which group, and paste into Excel.  That way if someone's phone drops and they call back in, you can refer to your list and put them back in the same group.  Instructions on how to do this are here (starting with the 3rd bullet point on that page).

    2. Entryway: We have an optional breakout that new participants can automatically enter. It allows you to keep an eye on who is coming into the call so you or an assistant can quickly orient them. It's useful when your participants are in breakout groups, especially early in a call, as this is a place for latecomers to talk with each other (and ideally, an assistant) and get oriented until you assign them to a group - as opposed to just hearing silence.  To activate the Entryway, click on the orange Settings button in the upper left, then check the Entryway box.

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