Allow webinar hosts to cap registration at a certain number.


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    I second this one loudly.  I hope you prioritize this one fast!!  This may be the problem that makes me bail from maestro if it isn't addressed soon.  Many people must be having this problem!  We need to be able to build our business with our customers trusting us...and when we are inviting people to a conference and they are taking the time to register for it in good faith that they will actually be able to ATTEND the conference if they have registered for's completely unacceptable that could then not be able to get on the call.  This one is mission critical, not just a nice to have!!!!  We are sending out the invitation to a free teleseminar to help people handle their loneliness over the holidays to over 500 people on our newsletter.  Only 25 (or 75 if we bump up) callers will actually be able to make it on the call.  Any others who attempt to register after those first 25/75 need to be told it's closed.  

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