Option to Notify Designee if No Presenter or Assistant Present



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    Hi Mia,

    Great idea! Customer Support does indeed encounter this from time to time. I love this idea, and maybe to create a participant HELP button in case they can't get in, or are in a call and nothing is happening. We do know that participant attention spans are measured in microseconds, so we do try to respond as quickly as possible.

    Here's what we do currently:

    CS gets a call from the participant(s). We immediately open the live call's Conductor/Dashboard to assess the situation at a glance. If we notice that there is no Presenter or assistant, we have to call into the event to see what we can do to help - usually apologizing for the inconvenience and asking the audience to wait, as the facilitator may be having trouble getting in & we need to contact the account holder. We then email the listed conference email address, we also email the address associated with the account, and then pick up the phone and call the listed number.

    This is the exact scenario where CS needs a reliable contact number for a person who will be available by phone any time there is a call, and the exact reason for a working, constantly monitored email address provided in the conference page.

    I hope that helps! I like the idea of a help button. Also, of an "Emergency Contact Info" field in the conference page.

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    Yes!  I like everything you had to say! And I'd like to add that I was thinking from the perspective of the account owner's meeting setup options - an option that you could check that would automatically activate and send an email to someone with no further human interaction, if an instructor didn't show up to class at the stated meeting start time.  Not everyone would want or need this option, but in the case of a virtual school with multiple classes running all the time, it would be helpful to the director to be emailed if the instructor didn't show up so they could take quick action.

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