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    Hi Folks!


    Just writing to let you know that zapier integration is now in beta.  Please feel free to check it out, and of course, share your feedback. More info. can be found here.  


    Thanks for your patience!


    MaestroConference Support

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    Thanks for your feature request suggestion. We already have development for this planned for the later part of this year. Watch for it!

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    Hi Aubrey!!

    This is great news!

    Thank you!!

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    Wondering if this has been released yet? We really need a zap to bring paid course participants into Maestro registration.

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    I wanted to add my voice to this request.  A Zapier integration would be incredibly beneficial for our  business too.

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    I will add another like to this request - it would be super helpful to automate a lot of what I pay an admin to help with!

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    Please create this feature! It would be immensely beneficial for my business. I hope this is still on the list even though we're nearing the end of Q1 in 2016?

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    I just started a new course on Maestro last night, the enrollment process would be so much smoother with a zap! I hope this development will be released soon!

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    I want to ping this topic again.... this is becoming increasingly important to me and my business.  Can we get a status update?

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    Maestro, I'm truly shocked that you have NO automated way for us to get registrants into or out of your service.

    This is dinosaur functionality.

    I'm a Carleton grad, I know that your owners are Carleton grads -- I'm mystified to see this apparent blind spot in your responsiveness to this industry and its needs.

    What's going on over there, that you haven't addressed this yet?

    I'm now shopping for another conferencing service that provides this, we'll be leaving as soon as I find one.

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    Diego Rodriguez

    Hi everyone, just updating this old request as "Completed" (in beta and with more enhancements coming). Read more about Zapier here:



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