Step-by-step guide for setting up breakout groups




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      While I actually ran a call before I had Adam's training, it was iffy at best.   His instructions are clear, considerate and there is ample opportunity to ask him to repeat or ask specific questions.   For me, a techie at a level of about 1.5 out of 5.... I shall take the hour course again... and perhaps again.  

    Inasmuch as I have founded the Archimedes Writers Group, a spiritual alliance of writers committed to co-creating and catalyzing the worldview of Conscious Evolution... and expect it to eventually have many hundreds of writers, we MUST have the services that Adam offers. 

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    Thanks to Adam for his instructions. It is a lot to teach in a short time, but luckily we can retake it to catch what we missed the first time around.

    THIS MESSAGE is for HARVEY as I am a writer and a lightworker and change agent, so would be really interested in joining the Archimedes Writers Group. How can I connect with him?

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    I got so much out of your presentation Adam, many thanks. Finally feel ready to tackle, what for me has been a huge challenge. Thanks to Adam and the team at Maestro I know I can do this now..  Also interested in connecting with Harvey!!

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