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    Hi Adam,

    I'm glad to discover this page. I was unaware of the sub-domain for, since I've usually been in on  It's great to find the extra tips, especially your third bullet on generic PINs, as well as the other pages. Keep it coming and make sure other customers are aware of this area of the website. (I wasn't until just today since I usually navigate from the main page to my account and then to support, which doesn't quite get here.) I'd like to see this page get more active.

    Thank you,


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    Adam Koren

    I'm glad this was helpful to you, Eric.  We do plan on moving our entire support section to this subdomain, which is within ZenDesk. 

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    Chris Holman

    Hi Adam...I'm being somewhat "thick" today.

    To offer the same pin to multiple people you say,  "Then take the PIN you just generated and share with the people you are inviting to your conference."

    Not sure how this happens. When I add a second participant, the auto pin that is generated is different from the first...and I can't seem to change it.

    What am I missing?


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    Adam Koren

    Hi Chris, you don't have to add a second participant.  You can just add one participant, and then everyone can use that same PIN.  While in most cases, each participant gets their own PIN, you can work around that and give everyone the same PIN if you need to.

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    Climate Action Campaign

    Hi, is there any kind of limit on how many people can use the same PIN? Or does it become glitchy after a certain point?

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